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For the last 15 year we have specialized in High Quality Audio and Video productions 
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Welcome to Sony Studios USA

New talent how we can help

Getting signed to a major record label can be the launch pad of a skyrocketing career. However, these days, major labels looking for talent are few and far between. Most of them do not want to outlay the amount of capital needed to launch an unknown artist unless you can already prove that you are saleable. Most major labels will not even accept unsolicited demos. We can help!

Sign in and get your information in the labels Intranets, some demos we receive are considered, we can even help you on your project by adding studio time and producer.

Remember, If you are a new band, singer, producer model who is just breaking into the business and someone approaches you claiming that they have the inside track on major labels looking for talent, be skeptical. If their deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There are people out there that will promise to get you a record deal if you pay them a fee upfront. Don’t think that you can leapfrog to the top. Instead, build your fan base until you are a big enough presence that major labels will come looking for you. That is where we can help, give us your budget, provide us with photos, video, or audio and we can tell you how much we can invest in helping you in your project by adding enough hours and production to complete your demo.

We have a project form on this site which you can use to complete the information we need and begin working with you to figure out how much we can help to get you going.

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